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The institute is involved in the market reforms in the country. Since 1992 till present the IAP RAS has formed a belt of minor science-intensive enterprises created by collaborators of the Institute or with their direct participation.

All these enterprises are located on the territory of the Institute on the basis of particular agreements and ensure additional employment for both the engineering services of the Institute and the collaborators working part time at these enterprises. .

The main objective of such small companies is completing the research results of the IAP RAS to effective specimens and prototypes, market analysis, and commercial implementation of science-intensive products. Small high-tech companies of the IAP RAS issue a broad spectrum of high-tech products for medicine, transport, and power industry, create high-power facilities complexes for process control, develop new materials and technologies, and create unique software. Major Russian shareholding companies such as the RAO Unified Energy System of Russia, OAO Russian Railroads, GAZPROM, Lukoil, GAZ, etc. are among the customers of the IAP RAS enterprises. A large amount of final products are shipped abroad.

At present, in this part of activity, the IAP RAS is essentially a classical technological park in which scientific ideas outcropped from the Institute are commercialized by small-business companies of the same Institute and are implemented on the national and foreign markets.

The own industrial base of the Institute, called the Pilot Production Office (PPO) of IAP RAS, plays an important role in increasing efficiency of the commercial structures of the Institute. The PPO performs a broad range of design work for customers.